Coaching individuals and groups has been a central aspect of my work as a performing arts leader and international tutor for the last 25 years. It’s a skill others have recognised in me and a role that I have found deeply satisfying.

In recent years, I’ve developed and extended my coaching expertise so that I can provide you an excellent coaching experience. To this end I have now acquired full certification in Executive Coaching and Mentoring accredited by The City and Guilds of London Institute and the Institute of Leadership and Management.


I started out in life as a dancer, trained at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and in Russia. During my dancing career I progressed from the corps de ballet, to soloist, principal dancer and ballet master to artistic director of two major national ballet companies: English National Ballet and the Royal New Zealand Ballet. I am now a teacher, coach and consultant. Throughout my dancing years not only have I had to learn new skills and diversify, but also develop as a person, balancing my professional life with my equally demanding personal one. Now I am using what I learned to help others to deal with transition and change; to perform at a higher level; to evolve into the people they want to be; to gain inspiration driving them onwards; to find a sense of purpose and achieve success and fulfilment.


Other things you may want to know about me:


  • I left Sweden in 1979 to seek adventure, fame and fortune

  • I have over the past 20 years lived in both the UK and New Zealand

  • I currently live in the countryside outside of London

  • I appreciate food and wine – sometimes to my detriment

  • I enjoy visiting museums and art galleries

  • I am practical and good at DIY

  • I am happily married and have two adult sons

  • I am passionate about personal coaching