Together you and I will have the conversations you are normally too busy to have. You will go from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow; and you will go further than you thought possible.

I will work with you to help you achieve at your best. Your will learn to believe in yourself and you will build your courage and confidence to realise your full potential and discover the power to choose your own future. You will strengthen your resourcefulness for taking action towards achieving your goals and experience positive change in your life. Our work together will be centred around three fundamental areas that we will address methodically:


Honestly assess your current situation; use imagination and creativity to design an inspiring vision for your future in alignment with your values and believes to gain clarity and direction.


Examine your available resources and skill-set, identify areas for change and improvement, set realistic and achievable goals and produce strategies for moving forwards.


Perhaps the most important part of the process includes strengthen your courage for taking firm action, deal with blockages and limiting beliefs to increase your confidence, reinforce motivation and build resilience.



Our first meeting will be an introductory consultation at no cost to you, in person or by on-line video-conference. This will be an opportunity for you to decide if I am the right person to help you fulfil your needs; for me to understand what it is you wish to achieve from the coaching process and to decide if you are someone I can genuinely help. There will be no pressure on either of us to proceed but should we decide to work together we will discuss which program best meets your specific needs and circumstances.  




Intensive: For someone who has specific objectives in mind we will begin with an initial strategy session where we agree on outcomes, followed by six 45 minute coaching calls* every week for six weeks. Single payment of £925.00 or two instalments at £495.00**

Regular: A programme allowing more time for contemplation and change. Following an exploratory strategy session we will have an additional six 90 minute coaching sessions* spread over three to four months. Supplementary to our coaching conversations I will be available as necessary by phone, email and WhatsApp, to provide discussion, feedback and advice. Single payment of £1,795.00 or three instalments at £645.00**

Extended: For someone with a longer perspective in mind we begin with a preliminary two-hour strategy session, where we set out long term objectives and agree on procedures, followed by monthly two-hour coaching calls* for the next six, nine or twelve months. I will also be available for communication and updates in between sessions. £395.00/month**

Deep Dive: By special arrangement you can have a three-hour one-off coaching session, in person, where together we will work on your biggest challenges and creatively find solutions to these more effectively than you could ever manage on your own. £495.00*


I will not promise you success – that is out of my control, I will not promise you results – that is up to you, but I will promise to believe in you, even when you forget to believe in yourself. And I will promise to see you as resourceful, creative and whole; and the successful person you have the potential to become, even when the going gets tough.

* Coaching calls take place by video-conference.

** Prices correct as of May 2020.

TEL: +44 78 33 33 5038
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