Good on you for taking the survey. What does your score mean?

1 – 20: Your scores are very low. Could this be a sign of depression or apathy? If you find yourself in this category you may need to seek professional help to get your mojo back. 

21 – 40: Disappointing. It seems you may be holding back, or perhaps you have never contemplated these types of questions before. Whatever the case maybe you have more potential than you give yourself credit for. So get out of the rut and start challenging yourself. 

41 – 60: Not bad, but not great. If being average is where you feel happy and content that’s absolutely fine. After all most people are by definition average, so you’re in good company. However, the fact that you took this survey indicates that you are not totally satisfied with your current situation. How much more could you achieve if you tried just a little harder and had the right support behind you? 


61 – 80: Pretty good. You’re mostly in control of your life and have a fair grasp of what you need to do to get ahead. However, for whatever reasons you have not yet mustered the determination to join the top tier of personal achievers. With a little extra effort and the right coaching support you could easily move up another level and accomplish much more than you think possible. 


81 – 100: Excellent. You are clearly motivated, courageous, confident and a high-level performer. Your potential for further development and success is excellent and you are in the ideal position to truly benefit from coaching. Imagine how much more you could potentially achieve with really good support behind you. With what you have already attained, reinforced by personal coaching, there is no limit to how far you can go and what you can achieve.

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